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[INTERVIEW/TRANS] “Reply 1997” Lee Shiun: “Seo Inguk and Jung Eunji are Gifted in Acting”

Source: Newsen

“I think Seo Inguk and Jung Eunji are gifted.”

Seo Inguk and Jung Eunji who received many compliments for their acting in tvN “Reply 1997” (written by Lee Woojung / directed by Shin Wonho) also got acknowledgement from Lee Shiun who acted alongside them. Lee Shiun is casted as Bang Sungjae along with Yoon Yoonjae (Seo Inguk) and Choi Siwon (Jung Eunji) in a reminiscence of 1997 era drama.

Lee Shiun recently interviewed by Newsen. “The filming is really exciting. I can feel the reminiscence and empathy feeling,” he said. “Honestly, I started out this drama without knowing any of the actors. Because of my age, I don’t know much about idols. Eun Jiwon-hyung is my favorite but (at that time) I was not in the age for interested in idols,” he also add. “However, Seo Inguk and Jung Eunji seems to be gifted in acting.”

“I feel really good (watching) Seo Inguk and Jung Eunji’s acting. 20-years-old Jung Eunji, in such young age making her first acting debut… I can feel so much that she is gifted since she was born. Child-actors are geniuses because they’re endowed (with acting talent). Jung Eunji is also the same. I failed to do that when I was 20 years old. Especially since Jung Eunji is also like a noona or aunt (to me). She has that much of apprehension.”

Lee Shiun also became best friends with Seo Inguk and Infinite’s Hoya. Lee Shiun going over to Seo Inguk’s house often is obvious, he also went to an Infinite concert himself and encouraged Hoya. Lee Shiun said, “We’re really close. I sleep over at Seo Inguk’s house and Hoya’s fans send me departing (from airport) photos of Hoya through SNS.”

He explained, “I am head of department Lee, Seo Inguk is team manager Seo, Hoya is chairman Ho. Eun Jiwon hyung is the security guard, Shin Soyool is assistant section head Shin, and Jung Eunji is accountant Jung. We decided it while playing amongst ourselves. With Seo Inguk and Hoya, we eat chicken with beer often and go to the karaoke room and sing ‘Be Mine’ and ‘Baby’ a lot.”

Lee Shiun, who had no interests in idols in the beginning, is now knowledgable about Seo Inguk, Infinite, and A-pink. Lee Shiun explained, “Infinite and A-pink all came to the filming site. A-pink Yoon Bomi is really my style” and “In a short amount of time we became so close that we met Seo Inguk’s Busan friends and I introduced them to my friends.”

“I usually went to drink with Seo Inguk, while with Jung Eunji we went to eat steak. However, if we only ate steak when we hang out we’d feel awkward. It was solved when we went to karaoke. Of course they’re all sing well. I also love Shin Soyool enough that I could date her.” (Laugh)

Lee Shiun also didn’t forget to talk about Jewelry’s Kim Yewon cameo appearance. They couldn’t be together, but Sung Songjoo (Kim Yewon) and Yoon Taewoong (Song Jongho)’s love story was really touching. Lee Shiun said, “I thought, ‘Who’s that girl. Her dialect is so cute, why can’t she ended up well?’. She also fell when she tried to kiss ‘her oppa’. I fully immersed in sadness when she died.”

Currently, tvN “Reply 1997” airs every Tuesday 23:00 KST.


  • I follow “Lee Si Un” romanization from Dramawiki
  • Hoya’s part translation credit: Hyome @ Infinite Updatesvia Infinite Soul
  • Usual sticky notes: I got help from online dictionary and translator to do this and I add/remove/edit few words and such to make the sentences more comprehensible. Feel free to correct my translation and/or grammatical errors.

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