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I can read hangul, understand basic phrase, can catch up easy and common dialogue, and obviously: can use online dictionary, lol. That’s it. People say it’s learning by doing, so here I am… Feel free to correct my translation work. This is my own practice ground, so take everything with huge grain of salt. Lol. Thanks~

[INTERVIEW/TRANS] Jung Eunji’s 10Asia Interview: “My Name is…” (UNFINISHED)

Source: 10Asia. Original article is posted on 2012-08-18

My name is…  Jung Eunji. I am A-Pink’s main vocalist.

August 18th 1993. For my upcoming birthday, I’d like (to eat) seaweed soup with beef. Some people also mix flounder in their own seaweed soup! Euhahahaha.

I speak Busan dialect. I lived in Haeundae, I attended a music institute near Gwangalli, and I used to hang out frequently with my friends. We went to the beach and took a stroll there like a song.

While filming <Reply 1997>, the toughest part is when the sleepiness came. Action! As the camera rolled, I had to stay awake and shot my part before the toughest part came. That’s why Siwon looked half-asleep most of the times.

Director who casted me said, “Don’t believe what anyone else said, just trust me,” and he said those words confidently. Now I feel those words really nice, haha. (I got) many tips on the actions I really don’t have any idea, like when I should kick Yoonjae, (director) said I should just ‘peok’! (T/N: kick it hard) (He) demonstrated to us how to do that harder instead of slightly patted (Yoonjae’s) head. On the day of filming, I directly went to his car and said, “Aigoo, Director, so how should I do that?” and he said don’t bother it because everything is going to be okay. So I did the kicking act but suddenly… I became too strong…

Between Yoonjae and Seo Inguk-oppa, I have different feeling. I think it’s the different oppa from real life and from the magazine; Inguk-oppa is really blunt, he’s more free and expressive guy than Yoonjae, but he also has a gentle side.

When <Reply 1997> broadcast started, Eun Jiwon-sunbaenim kinda sensed that there’s something between me and Inguk-oppa… I’m reaaaally thankful (T/N: I think a sarcastic remark? Lol)… When I saw the broadcast, I just laughed, and then Inguk-oppa called me. “We’re just trying to make the show looks fun,” he apologized. That’s why, the rumor seemed doubtful and I realized that they’re just playing along. And after that, I became more comfortable and friendly with those oppas.

Hoya-oppa has a lot of schedules, ao we can’t meet too often in the drama and we only greet each other. I thought he’s a bit though and chic person. At first I thought it’d be difficult (for us) to get along, and I don’t think that we can be friends now… hahaha. He looks like an idol, but after I saw him wearing shriveled wig and cuss, I don’t think him as tough anymore. Huff.

The most mischievous one is Shiun-oppa. He said things like I looked ugly, and how can someone looked like me. And then I said to think about oppa’s own face, again, oppa replied like a 11-years-old kid “What about that?”, and I also talked back like a 11-years-old dongsaeng, and we did that for a long time. In fact, I kept bickering like friends with Sungjae and Shiun during filming. Maybe because we’re so close and friendly, we didn’t feel the awkward atmosphere in drama.

The scene when I cried because of H.O.T raincoat in the middle of the rain remained as the most memorable for me. It’s still hard for me even though I loves rain.

To Be Continued…


  • There’re many photos in this article, you can see the gallery in 10Asia.
  • Usual sticky notes: I got help from online dictionary and translator to do this and I add/remove/edit few words and such to make the sentences more comprehensible. Feel free to correct my translation and/or grammatical errors.

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