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I can read hangul, understand basic phrase, can catch up easy and common dialogue, and obviously: can use online dictionary, lol. That’s it. People say it’s learning by doing, so here I am… Feel free to correct my translation work. This is my own practice ground, so take everything with huge grain of salt. Lol. Thanks~

[QUOTE] Reply 1997 and Sasaeng Fans

I watch the drama, I like the drama. Having said that, I am confused by this article. Is this article saying sasaengs are okay and should be an accepted part of fan culture? Because, if that is the premise this author is trying to promote, I say NO THANK YOU.

The behaviours of the characters in this drama are excessive and the worst was her breaking into her bias’ house. However, even that was shown in the drama as over the top, crazy and not to be encouraged. In any case, the characters behaviours have note reached the, yes, demonic behavior of what today’s sasaengs have developed into.

I am quite surprised that for such a nuanced and well characterized drama, what this writer took out of the drama and chose to highlight was the sasaeng issue. With so many discussion points and nostalgia that this drama has raised among viewers, even those who were not born at the time, I would have preferred a positive discourse rather than another diatribe about sasaengs.

thepurp in “Answer Me 1997 and Humanizing Sasaeng Fans” article

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