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I can read hangul, understand basic phrase, can catch up easy and common dialogue, and obviously: can use online dictionary, lol. That’s it. People say it’s learning by doing, so here I am… Feel free to correct my translation work. This is my own practice ground, so take everything with huge grain of salt. Lol. Thanks~

[REVIEW] 120904 Xia Junsu – Hollywood Palladium – September 2, 2012

Originally posted on JYJ3:
Note: The following is a review of Junsu’s concert in LA and contains the author’s reactions and opinions. Xia Junsu Hollywood Palladium 09-02-2012 At 25-years-old, “Xia”…

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[NEWS] 120903 JYJ’s Junsu dances to PSY’s “Gangnam Style”

Originally posted on JYJ3:
PSY‘s Gangnam Style has been a hot topic recently in K-Pop and many artistes have been spotted dancing the fun choreography of Gangnam Style. Even JYJ‘s Junsu joined in the fun.…

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[GIF] Junsu Gangnam Style ^^

ROFL Note: Open the gif here Credit: Junsu Baidu Bar

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[TRANS] Kim Junsu – K-pop Idol, top star of the Korean Boom: “I felt trully burning passion in Chile”

Originally posted on JYJ3:
Junsu Xia caused furor when he came with his band JYJ, but now he debuts solitary on September 10th at the Teatro Caupolican. “Fans around the…

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Kim Junsu’s World tour in New York: “I already saw a gleam of hope and future.”

The international fans who called it as ‘gay’ are probably just lost at words. It’s ‘androgynous’, guys. I always like Junsu’s interviews about his music career, you just can feel … Continue reading

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[SPAZZ] My Top 5 Summer Tracks

1. Ga-in ft. Ra.D — Take Out 2. 10cm — Love is Falling Like a Drop 3. Seo Inguk ft. Eunji — All for You 4. PSY — Gangnam Style … Continue reading

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[SPAZZ] Seoul Drama Awards 2012

Woot! It’s official! The winners are here~ Well, I don’t watch many K-Dramas lately, moreover other country’s series, so I can’t comment much on the results. But anyway, as a … Continue reading

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[QUOTE] Park Yoochun and Jung Eunji are the Best Acting-Dols

He is definitely the idol actor who no longer faces any sort of acting criticisms or questions (Park Yoochun)

A lot of idols are very flat and one-dimensional actors but she, with amazing acting, has created a character that didn’t exist before (Jung Eunji)

Korean critics about Park Yoochun and Jung Eunji’s acting.



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120828 Songwriter Kim Eana’s tweets about Junsu’s cameo in FIESTAR’s MV

All of them are my bias!! Kke

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[TWITTER/TRANS] Kim Eana is Junsu’s Fan! :)

Back then she tweeted with fellow LOEN Entertainment artists about him appearing in FIESTAR MV: XIAWorld. And today she tweeted with fellow Junsu’s fan about his… cats. Lol. @bongsamee Bongsamee, … Continue reading

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