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I can read hangul, understand basic phrase, can catch up easy and common dialogue, and obviously: can use online dictionary, lol. That’s it. People say it’s learning by doing, so here I am… Feel free to correct my translation work. This is my own practice ground, so take everything with huge grain of salt. Lol. Thanks~

[SPAZZ] My Kpop Summer Guilty Pleasures~

What’s in Kpop for you?

Mind-blowing songs? Nu-uh. Extraordinary concepts? Yeahhhh. Extremely talented singers? Are you kidding?

So what’s in it for me?


I know some people have trouble with aegyo, saying it as typical bubblegum Kpop, lacking sincerity and musicality. Hate it. Despise it.  They prefer sexy and strong and mature and… inspiring songs? Oh well, I don’t blame them. I also like those songs. But seriously, I found Kpop through this typical anime-ish songs, and I still love them until now, even if I know it’s not something creative as it’s only a rehearse of old songs.

Okay, cut with the craps. Here are the list of songs I’m currently enjoying like crazy. Dumdumdum~~


You guessed right, I wouldn’t care about this girl group if not for Jung! Eun! Ji! and her magnificent portrayal of Sung Siwon in “Reply 1997”. Yep, they’re the most awarded rookie from last year, and I really can’t get “My My” out of my head, but I don’t particularly care about them. Uh, we’ve had some like Girls’ Day, Orange Caramel, T-Ara, SECRET (kinda), etcetc… should we also add these girls? However, this song, is so mind-dumbingly addictive. Along with “Hush”, this is one of the most played tracks in my playlist. Why, you ask me? Because it’s freakin catchy and Eunji’s smile in live performance is contagious… not to mention Namjoo give a solid performance and Naeun is really, like — REALLY, pretty (see, I even took an effort to remember their names). Some people say they’re SNSD’s copycat — uh, SNSD has been “copycat”-ing J-Pop ever since. Yep APink outfits kinda look like “Kissing You” one (which is also my guilty pleasure, lol), but other than that, this song is just typical cute Kpop song, not something you can solely credit to SNSD. Back to the song, the lyric is as shallow as ever, basically it’s about these girls falling in love (with ahjusshi, I think, haha). “BUBIBU” itself means “to brush against”. Though Shindong might had different explanation? Lol.

Go0 Hara  – Secret Love JP Ver.

[MV] Hara (KARA) – Secret Love JP Ver. by mrhoneyhammie

I always like KARA for the same reason I like Shinhwa: they have endearing personalities on-screen and they’re the best variety idol group for me. Nicole has always been my favorite. Despite her vocal isn’t quiet my type, too shrilly and too nauseating at times, she always rocks every performance. You just can see that she’s earnestly hard-working on stage, and she pulls off every concept like no one does. When she’s being cute, she’s 100% cute, when she’s being sexy, she’s 100% sexy. However, during “PANDORA” comeback (which I also loved for their gorgeous outfits), Hara particularly stole my heart. For one single reason: she looks beautiful. She’s known as Goddess Hara since forever, but I never really get her charm until “PANDORA”. Keep that hairstyle, Hara-goo~ As for this MV, the song is not really remarkable, but the MV!!!!! OMG. Siwan really made me press “PrtSc” several times. The MV has a colorful palette which I always love. What’s not to love from this? 🙂

Orange Caramel – Lipstick

I was never a fan of their songs, and I think I’ll never like their songs. But THAT MV! Hahaha. Orange Caramel is one of my favorite girl groups, for the reason that is their MVs and concepts. It’s so crazy that it’d left you “WTF?” and chuckled even if you’ve watched it for 12345679798 times. I’m not a fan of that doll-like move (uh, “Sexy Love” and now this? I’ve had enough, thanks), but that particular “omo omo” move is really funny. Haha. They should have released it during the Olympic craze… 😀

SISTAR – Loving You

How long this song has been charting? Amazing, right? Riiigggghhhtt. I’ve been a bit skeptical to this chart thingy since I’ve been an avid reader of Netizenbuzz, so let’s just say that this song is indeed one perfect summer song. Whatever their real digital sales is, for SISTAR’s current status as one famous girl group, this song charting isn’t something unusual.  It’s catchy, the girls are pretty (especially Hyorin, haha), and their choreography… is nothing? Well, I see no dance hook (unless you call that “My Boy” move as a “hook”) so it’s not one of the reason why I like this song.


That’s it for the current spazz. It’s not like anyone will read this, but I don’t care, I just want to let out my stress due to these songs invading my mind. And finally, I’ll end this with a not-so-recent song (lol!), but this is what I’d call ultimate summer track:

I watched this video after watching “Reply 1997”

reply 1997 brought me here. 🙂


Bonus: Sechs Kies and Eun Jiwon’s cover of H.O.T “Candy”. Rivalry is dead.

Anyway, I didn’t mention “Gangnam Style” because I’ve mentioned that song in previous spazz.


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