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I can read hangul, understand basic phrase, can catch up easy and common dialogue, and obviously: can use online dictionary, lol. That’s it. People say it’s learning by doing, so here I am… Feel free to correct my translation work. This is my own practice ground, so take everything with huge grain of salt. Lol. Thanks~

[TWITTER/TRANS] Lee Gwangsoo Twitter Update (120821-120902)


I♡DANCE RT @selvi0911: Oppa gwangsoo style @masijacoke85 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0o4jVlpQ7gc

Who made this? Nice~ ^^ RT I♡DANCE RT @selvi0911: Oppa gwangsoo style @masijacoke85 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0o4jVlpQ7gc (@kingkongboss)

@kingkongboss You don’t have to look it up, I also don’t know: I love how he/she put every minute of my dance ♡

♥ http://t.co/haZPfrk3 (@ChaebinE)

@ChaebinE Chaebin-ah, happy birthday!



Thank you so much for all your concerns and encouragements! But right now it doesn’t hurt anymore.. Don’t worry.. I’ve consulted about the filming.. Ah~ (@gally5882)

@gally5882 Hope you’ll fully recovered soon, my love ♡

@LimJuHwan Juhwannie-hyung, Juhwannie-hyung, I’m Gwangsoo ♡



Fighting, uri hyung ♡ RT @Quanninomarley Finally!! After all this time! A show soon to be aired! Please stay tuned!! Haha’s Mutiny! New MC Geunshik and Junggeun! Fighting!!!

 @masijacoke85 My love… chu~ ^^ (@Quanninomarley)

@Quanninomarley @masijacoke85 Hmm this sounds a bit fishy (@sweetstar0001)

@sweetstar0001 @masijacoke85 Ah… What should I do.. (@Quanninomarley)

@sweetstar0001 @Quanninomarley Ack: Ah… look… I mean… it’s not like that… I didn’t mean it… therefore… we’re… just… pic.twitter.com/jiV0YwSN

@masijacoke85 @Quanninomarley Hmm… Gwangsoo… Noona is starting to get angry at you… Why… why… did you do that? Me… to… please hug me ㅎㅎㅎㅎ (@sweetstar0001)

@sweetstar0001 @masijacoke85 This two… you… you’re all so dead. (@Quanninomarley)

@sweetstar0001 @Quanninomarley Hm… I… please don’t bring me into your fight, you two just tell me later, okay… well yeah, ahem

@sweetstar0001@masijacoke85 Get lost! (@Quanninomarley)

@masijacoke85@Quanninomarley Keuheuheuheum (@sweetstar0001)



Ah.. I’m.. I’m sorry, student Kim Taeyeon pic.twitter.com/IXHsLIkm

(T/N: Kim Taeyeon wrote “betray betray” for giraffe in her exam, look at this article here)

@DrunkenTigerJK I sincerely and whole-heartedly congratulate you for your 20th anniversary (T/N: Debut anniversary), hyung ♡ pic.twitter.com/NK5FI9Rq

Congratulations for 17th debut anniversary, our lovable Jongkookie-hyung ♡ pic.twitter.com/cnScvxs7


I’m just doing this for fun, not sure if I want to continue doing this. Gwangsoo’s tweets these days are funny yet heartwarming~ kke ^^

Usual sticky notes:  I got help from online dictionary and translator to do this and I add/remove/edit few words and such to make the sentences more comprehensible. Feel free to correct my translation and/or grammatical errors. If you want to share, take it with HUGE grains of salt, haha. 


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